Brabant Lake

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Brabant Lake is a northern settlement of 102 people located in Northern Saskatchewan Canada.[1] Brabant Lake is 172 km northeast of La Ronge and 45 km southwest of Southend.[2]

Brabant Lake
Coordinates: 56°06′58″N 103°45′05″W
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
RegionNorthern Saskatchewan
 • Total102

The community is located on the northern end of Brabant Lake near the mouth of the Waddy River and is accessed by Highway 102. A local road provides access to Lower Waddy and Upper Waddy lakes.[3][4]

Trapping, tourism, and mining are the main industries of the area. This community is located in the Precambrian Shield.

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Coordinates: 56°06′58″N 103°45′05″W / 56.11611°N 103.75139°W / 56.11611; -103.75139