Boys' World was a boys' comic magazine published in the UK by Longacre Press.[1] It ran for 89 issues beginning on 26 January 1963, and in 1964[1] it merged with the Eagle. Boys' World featured the mythological serial strip Wrath of the Gods, painted in colour by Ron Embleton and the earliest comic strip parody of Doctor Who: Dr What and His Time Clock. Among the other artists who worked for the comic were Brian Lewis and Frank Bellamy. Writers included Harry Harrison, Sydney Jordan and Michael Moorcock. The regular Boys' World cover feature, 'What Would You Do?' - a series challenging readers to find the solution to perilous situations - inspired the similarly-titled sequence of impossible moral dilemmas posed in Moorcock's novel Breakfast in the Ruins (1972).

Boys' World
Publication information
PublisherLongacre Press
FormatOngoing series
Publication date26 January 1963 – 3 October 1964
No. of issues89
Main character(s)Billy Binns and his Wonderful Specs
John Brody
Brett Million
Pike Mason
Wrath of the Gods
Dr What and His Time Clock
Creative team
Written byTom Tully
Artist(s)Ron Embleton, Brian Lewis, Frank Bellamy

The headquarters of Boys' World was in London.[2]



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