Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

View of Downtown St. Petersburg from boardwalk over protected wetlands.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a 245-acre (99 ha) protected area in St. Petersburg, Florida, Pinellas County, Florida. The preserve is located on the shores of Lake Maggiore (Florida) in south St. Petersburg. It is operated by St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation and includes the Boyd Hill Environmental Center, a bird-of-prey aviary, and more than three miles of trails through a variety of ecosystems.[1] Facilities include a playground and picnic areas. The preserve is used for school field trips and hosts environmental education programs. It is located at 1101 Country Club Way South.

The Preserve's EcosystemEdit

Lake Maggiore - The lake has a stunning view of downtown St. Petersburg and connects approximately 380 acres together. This is a home and food source to our local wildlife and migrating birds alike.

Swamp - Connected to Lake Maggiore, the soil of the swamp acts as a natural filter, cleaning water that moves in and out of the lake. The swamp is surrounded by tall bald cypress, red maple trees, giant leather leaf ferns, and lizard's tail.

Pine Flatwoods - The plants and animals in this unique ecosystem have adapted themselves to be fire dependent. Some plant adaptations include long root systems, flaky bark, and wax covered leaves.

Sand Scrub - The Sand Scrub only has about 2% of its original habitat remaining. In Florida, it is known as one of the most endangered habitats. Many rare, sensitive plants have found their home here.

Hammock - The Hammock is a wooded habitat that is slightly higher than the rest of the preserves ecosystem. It is known for its dense canopy, created by Live Oak, Sabal Palm, and an array of other trees.[2]


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