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The Boulevard Line (Danish: Boulevardbanen) is a 3.2-kilometer (2.0 mi) long partly underground railway between Copenhagen Central Station and Østerport Station in Copenhagen, Denmark.[1] The quadruple track railway carries today one dual track for the Copenhagen S-train system and another dual track for the mainline railway and regional trains. The line has two intermediate stations, Vesterport Station and Nørreport Station. It continues above ground to Nordhavn station and at Svanemøllen station the tracks separate towards either Ryparken station or Hellerup station. Dybbølsbro station is also located along this railway, located just a bit south of Copenhagen Central. Out of the four main S-train branches, three follow this path, between Dybbølsbro and Svanemøllen (with at least four tracks). Only at Copenhagen Central, Nørreport and Østerport do all trains stop. While Dybbølsbro, Vesterport, Nordhavn and Svanemøllen all are S-train stations only. (Nørreport also has Metro service, just as both the Central Station, Østerport and Nordhavn will have by 2019).

Boulevard Line
The main line platform at Nørreport Station on the Boulevard Line in 2015.
The main line platform at Nørreport Station on the Boulevard Line in 2015.
Other name(s)'Røret'
Native nameBoulevardbanen
Terminipassing through
passing through
Stations7 (S-train), 3 (all trains)
TypeMain line
Regional rail
IC & IC Express
SystemDanish railways
Opened1 December 1917 (1917-12-01)
Line length3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi)
Number of tracksQuadruple
CharacterPassenger trains
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
ElectrificationOverhead catenary (S-trains use DC power other trains use AC power or diesel)
Operating speed60 km/h (37 mph) (mainline)
80 km/h (50 mph) (S-train)


Construction of the Boulevard Line between Sølvgade and Stokhusgade in 1914

It opened in 1917, allowing services on the Coast Line and the Klampenborg Line to extend to Copenhagen Central Station.[2] The line became part of the S-train network on 15 May 1934.[3]


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