Boro Bhalo Lok Chhilo

Boro Bhalo Lok Chhilo (Bengali: বড় ভালো লোক ছিল; English: He Was a Good Man) is a 1982 Dhallywood drama film directed by famous journalist and director Mohammad Mohiuddin.[1] This film received National Film Awards in six categories.[2]

Boro Bhalo Lok Chhilo
Bengaliবড় ভালো লোক ছিল
Directed byMohammad Mohiuddin
Music byAlam Khan
Release date
Running time
158 minutes


Yasin is a well-educated son of a Pir of a village. Suddenly his father dies in a truck accident. Yasin returns to his village and searches for the truck driver to avenge his father's death. Since he is the son of the Pir, people of the village respect him and find something spiritual in him. He ignores it and starts staying in the home of one of his father's friends. Sometimes he talks with his father through his spiritual ability.

Pori Banu is the daughter of his father's friend and in a relationship with truck driver, Lokman. Yasin and Pori Banu become good friends. Meanwhile, he realizes his spiritual ability and starts accomplishing tasks quickly and easily. But when he starts falling love with Pori, the power starts diminishes. Now, he tries to get the power back.



The music of this film was directed by Alam Khan and lyrics were penned by Syed Shamsul Haque.

Track Singer(s) Lyricist Music Director
Hayre Manush Rangin Phanush Andrew Kishore Syed Shamsul Haque Alam Khan[4]
Ami Chokkho Diya Dekhte Chhilam Syed Shamsul Haque
Elahi Alamin Allah Badshah Andrew Kishore and Syed Abdul Hadi
Tora Dekh Dekhre Chahiya Andrew Kishore
Chamelio Tel Diya Shammi Akter and Biplab Bhattacharya
Pagol Pagol Manushgula Runa Laila


Award Title Category Awardee Result
National Film Awards Best Director Mohammad Mohihuddin Won
Best Actor Abdur Razzak Won[5]
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Prabir Mitra Won[6]
Best Music Director Alam Khan Won
Best Male Playback Singer Andrew Kishore Won
Best Dialogue Syed Shamsul Haque Won

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