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The Borgo Press was a small publishing company founded by Robert Reginald in 1975 funded by the royalties gained from his first major reference work,[citation needed] Stella Nova: the contemporary science fiction authors (1970).[1]

Borgo Press
FounderRobert Reginald
Country of originUnited States
Fiction genresFiction, non-fiction

That same year Reginald met Mary Wickizer Rogers, a student at Cal State. They married the following year and together formed the backbone of the publishing company into the 1990s.[citation needed]

Borgo Press specialized in literature and history, reflecting the interests of its owners. It published 300 titles from 1976 to 1998.[2] In 2003 it started up again as an imprint of Wildside Press[clarification needed](Rockville, Maryland; John Gregory Betancourt, publisher), where Reginald has managed the imprint since 2006.[3]


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