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Unpaved boreen on the Beara Peninsula, County Cork.
Paved boreen in Baile Éamon, Spiddal, County Galway.

Boreen or bohereen (Irish: bóithrín, meaning "a little road", pronounced [bɔːr'hiːn, bɔːh'ri:n, bɔː'ri:n]) is a country lane, or narrow, frequently unpaved, rural road in Ireland.[1][2][3]

"Boreen" also appears sometimes in names of minor urban roads such as Saint Mobhi Bóithrín (Irish: Bóithrín Mobhí), commonly known as Mobhi Boreen in Glasnevin, Dublin.[4][5] To be considered a boreen the road or path should not be wide enough for two cars to pass and has grass growing in the middle.

In parts of Ulster, a boreen is often called a loanin, an Ulster Scots word.

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