Border dog Alyi

Border dog Alyi (Russian: Пограничный пёс Алый, romanizedPogranichnyy pyos Alyi) is a 1979 Soviet drama film directed by Yuliy Fait and based on the short story Alyi (Russian: Алый, romanizedAlyy) written by Yury Iosifovich Koval.[1]

Border dog Alyi
Border dog Alyi.jpg
Directed byYuliy Fait [ru]
Produced byGeorgy Fedyanin
Written byVladimir Golovanov
StarringVladimir Dubrovsky
Viktor Kosykh
Music bySandor Kalloś
CinematographyAlexander Mass
Edited byElena Zabolotskaya
Release date
Running time
71 min
Country Soviet Union


Lyosha Koshkin really wanted to serve on the border and get an official dog. A dream come true: he was Lad Camp, where he got a wonderful East-European Shepherd dog.[clarification needed]


  • Vladimir Dubrovsky as Lyosha Koshkin
  • dog Brutus as Alyi[2]
  • Vasili Kupriyanov as Barabulko
  • Viktor Kosykh as Captain Eliseev
  • Vladimir Gerasimov as Maslakov
  • Alexander Kazakov as Ensign Nicholay Bubentsov
  • Arthur Nischenkin as Ensign Lad Camp
  • Yana Druz as wife Head outpost's
  • Nartai Begalin and Igor Kosukhin as infiltrators
  • Alexander Kurennoy (episode)
  • Alexander Silin (episode)

Film shootingEdit

Filming took place in parts of the Red Banners Central Asian border district. Participated in the shooting guards 71st Bakharden border detachment, School service dog in Dushanbe, the airmen of the 23rd Dushanbe aviation squadron Soviet Border Troops.


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