Border Amateur Football League

The Border Amateur Football League is a football league for amateur clubs in the Scottish Borders.

Border Amateur Football League
Number of teams32
Current championsA Division Hawick Waverley
B Division Langlee Amateurs
C Division Tweedmouth Harrow
WebsiteOfficial website

The league was founded in 1936[1] and is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football Association. It currently features 31 teams in three divisions, named A, B and C. Teams from all three divisions compete for the Waddell Cup and (providing they enter) the South Cup and Scottish Amateur Cup. The Border Cup and Beveridge Cup are competed for by teams in the A Division; the Wright Cup and Walls Cup for teams in the B Division and the Sanderson Cup and Collie Cup for teams in the C Division. The Forsyth Cup is a consolation tournament for teams knocked out in the preliminary and first round of the Waddell Cup.

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