BookShout is a software based eBook distributor that was founded in 2010. Their main offices are based in Dallas, TX, Fort Wayne, IN and New York, NY. It is the largest provider of bulk eBook distribution in the world[1] and works with all of the major U.S. publishing houses including HarperCollins,[2] Macmillan, McGraw Hill, Penguin Random House, Perseus, Simon & Schuster, Wiley, Chronicle Books, Hachette Publishing Group, and Workman.[citation needed]

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BookShout initial business model was about facilitating bulk eBook distribution and providing publishers with customizable direct-to-consumer digital storefronts.[3][4]

BookShouts business services partner with corporations like; the Hearst Corporation, Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Cheerios,[5] T-Mobile,[6] CareerBuilder, Cisco, The Wall Street Journal,[7] Salesforce, Google, Deloitte and others to aide in the marketing and promotion of products and books. BookShout's services also include onboarding, education and training of employees through the use of eBooks.[citation needed]

The company is the creator of a proprietary reading app that gives users the ability to interact with friends directly in the app for a unique social reading experience. BookShout has native eReader applications on Android and iOS and can be accessed directly on the web. There are currently more than 2 million users on the BookShout reading platform.[citation needed]

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