Bonjus (Arabic: بون جوس, from French: good juice) is a Lebanese brand of juice, ice cream and dairy products,[1][2] famous for its "Pyramid" (الهرم) shaped juicebox. Much beloved among the Lebanese, the juice has become a national icon and source of much nostalgia and sentimentality in the country.[3] Known for it distinct pyramid shaped box, Bonjus has been an accessible product at the[2] price of 250 Liras[4] for more than 40 years.[5] A traditional Lebanese breakfast consists of an iconic pyramid box of Bonjus and a mankoushe.[6] Bonjus products are distributed within Lebanon, the Gulf region and in Africa.[1]

Another competitor of the pyramid in Lebanon is Top Juice, produced by the Lebanese LibanJus.[3][7]


In the 1960s, it was founded as a juice production company,[1] located in Fanar.[2]

In the late 60's, ice cream was introduced, and dairy in the 70's.[1]

In 2016, the "Bonjus Dairy" product line has been given a new brand identity, product taste, and packaging.[1]


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