Bongolo Dam (South Africa)

Bongolo Dam, (also spelled Bonkolo) is located on the Komani River, near Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. The dam has a capacity of 7,015,000 cubic metres (247,700,000 cu ft). The Bongolo Dam, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from town on the Dordrecht road, is one of Queenstown's main sources of water, its main purpose is for industrial and municipal usage. The wall was begun in 1905 and was for years the largest concrete dam wall in South Africa. Incidentally the origin of the name Bongola has caused some controversy, but it is believed by some to have been derived from the Xhosa language word mbongolo meaning donkey, as these animals were extensively used in the construction of the dam.[citation needed]

Bongolo Dam
Official nameBongolo or Bonkolo Dam
CountrySouth Africa
LocationQueenstown, Eastern Cape
Coordinates31°52′4″S 26°55′15″E / 31.86778°S 26.92083°E / -31.86778; 26.92083Coordinates: 31°52′4″S 26°55′15″E / 31.86778°S 26.92083°E / -31.86778; 26.92083
PurposeMunicipal and industrial use
Construction began1905
Opening date1908
Owner(s)Lukhanji Local Municipality
Dam and spillways
Type of dammass concrete
ImpoundsKomani River
Height21 m (69 ft)
Length115 m (377 ft)
CreatesBongolo Dam Reservoir
Total capacity6,400,000 m3 (5,200 acre⋅ft)

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