Bonfire Studios is a game development studio located in Orange County, California. It was founded in 2016 with funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Riot Games.[1]

Bonfire Studios
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Bonfire has not officially announced their first project. However in an interview with Morgan Webb at the VentureBeat Summit in April 2019, Rob Pardo announced they were working with the Unity game engine on an online multiplayer game. He also announced some details of the project.[2]

Our first game is going to be a PC focused game. I think it might eventually go cross platform, but it's a PC game. It's definitely much more for a core audience, we're not going to suddenly go out and make Candy Crush.

— Rob Pardo, "Building a Culture that Lasts", GamesBeat Summit 2019

Pardo also described the pitch process. Everyone in the studio had the opportunity to pitch a game. Of the 40 original ideas, the studio chose 7 to expand into full fledged pitch decks. Everyone then stack-ranked their favorites, and when they chose the game the result was fairly unanimous.[3]


Rob Pardo, former chief creative officer at Blizzard Entertainment and lead designer of World of Warcraft[1] is joined by former CEO of Nexon America Min Kim,[4] game designer Josh Mosqueira (Homeworld 2,[5] Company of Heroes,[6] Far Cry 3,[7] Diablo III[8]), producer Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir (Eve Online, Star Wars: Battlefront[9]), and former games journalist Morgan Webb (The Screen Savers, X-Play).[10]


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