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Boner Records is an American independent record label in Berkeley, California owned by Tom Flynn.[1] It has released recordings by Fang (Flynn's band),[1][2] Verbal Abuse, MDC, Boneless Ones, Duh, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Melvins, The Warlock Pinchers,[3] Hell's Kitchen, and Superconductor.[4]

Boner Records
FounderTom Flynn
GenreHardcore punk, heavy metal, punk rock
Country of originUnited States
LocationBerkeley, California




Buzz OsborneEdit

Dale CroverEdit

Joe PrestonEdit


  • Landshark (1982)
  • Where The Wild Things Are (1983)
  • A Mi Ga Sfafas? (1987)
  • Landshark/Where the Wild Thing Are (1989)


  • Metal Devil Cokes: It's The Real Thing (1989)

Verbal AbuseEdit

  • Rocks Your Liver (1986)

Fearless Iranians from HellEdit

  • Fearless Iranians from Hell 7" (1986)
  • Die for Allah (1987)
  • Holy War (1988)
  • Foolish Americans (1990)
  • Foolish Americans/Holy War/Die for Allah CD (1990)

Hell's KitchenEdit

  • If You Can't Take The Heat (1988)

Steel Pole Bath TubEdit

Milk CultEdit

Ed HallEdit

The Warlock PinchersEdit

Star PimpEdit

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