Bombardment of the Selee River Forts

The Bombardment of the Selee River Forts, or the Bombardment of Ganghwa, was the result of a Korean attack on two United States Navy warships supporting the Korean Expedition in 1871. The incident broke down relations between Korea and the United States diplomatic expedition sent to establish trade agreements with the Joseon monarchy. The Battle of Ganghwa was fought as a punitive action against the Korean batteries which had attacked USS Palos.

Bombardment of the Selee River Forts
Part of the United States expedition to Korea
DateJune 1, 1871
Result American victory;
Beginning of the Battle of Gangwha
 United States Flag of the King of Joseon (Fringeless).svg Joseon
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
2 gunboats Unknown
Casualties and losses
2 wounded
1 gunboat damaged
2 forts damaged

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