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Butyriboletus peckii

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Butyriboletus peckii is a fungus of the genus Boletus native to eastern North America. It was first described by Charles Christopher Frost in 1878.[2] Until 2014, it was known as Boletus peckii. Recent changes[3][4] in the phylogenetic framework of the Boletaceae prompted the transfer of this species, along with several other related boletes, including Caloboletus calopus, to the genus Caloboletus.[5] In 2015, Kuan Zhao and colleagues published analysis that demonstrated that the bolete belongs to Butyriboletus, closely related to Butyriboletus pulchriceps.[6]

Butyriboletus peckii
Scientific classification
B. peckii
Binomial name
Butyriboletus peckii
(Frost) Kuan Zhao, Zhu L. Yang & Halling (2015)
  • Boletus peckii Frost (1878)
  • Ceriomyces peckii (Frost) Murrill (1909)[1]
  • Caloboletus peckii (Frost) Vizzini (2014)

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