Boguslav Kazimir Maskevich

Boguslav Kazimir Maskevich (1625, Servech, Novogrudok Povet – April 4, 1683) was a military and public figure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a writer–memoirist.[1]

Boguslav Kazimir Maskevich


The son of the famous nobleman Samuil Maskevich.[2] Educated at the Novogrudok Collegium.[3]

In 16431644, at the court of Prince Boguslav Radziwill.[4]

In 1644 – at the court of Florian Zebrzydowski, a Lublin Kastelian. At the same time, he switched from Calvinism to Catholicism.

From 1646, in the service of Jeremiah Mikhail Vishnevetsky.[3] Under his leadership, he took part in battles with Ukrainian Cossacks in 16461648.

As part of the regiment of Boguslav Radziwill, he took part in Janusz Radziwill's campaign in Polesie.[3]

February 10–11, 1649 – participated in the capture of Mozyr.

February 20–22, 1649 – participated in the capture of Bobruisk.

July 31, 1649 – took part in the battle of Loev.[5]

In 1655, he was elected to the Tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Ambassador to the Seimas in 1668, 1673, 1674.

From 1668, in the service of Casimir and Mikhail Pats.

In 16731674 – an armyman in Novogrudok.


Author of 2 diaries in Polish. The first, which covers the period 1643–1649, describes the military actions of Vishnevetsky, Nikolai Potocki, Martin Kalinovsky, Janusz Radziwill against the troops of Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Ukraine and Belarus. It contains many portrait and landscape sketches.

The second describes the campaign of the tsarist voivode Ivan Khovansky in Belarus at the beginning of 1660 and his defeat by the combined forces of hetmans Pavel Sapega and Stefan Charnetsky in the battle of Polonka. Maskevich's diaries are a valuable historical source.



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