Bogesund Castle

Bogesund Castle is a former manor in municipality of Vaxholm, about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) to the east of Stockholm, Sweden. It is located in the center of the Bogesundslandet nature reserve (Bogesundslandets naturreservat). The castle style building overlooks the main shipping channel into and out of Stockholm through the Stockholm archipelago.[1][2][3]

Bogesund Castle
Vaxholm Municipality, Sweden
Bogesunds slott February 2013 04.jpg
Coordinates59°23′36″N 18°17′04″E / 59.39333°N 18.28444°E / 59.39333; 18.28444Coordinates: 59°23′36″N 18°17′04″E / 59.39333°N 18.28444°E / 59.39333; 18.28444
TypeFormer manor house
Site history
Builtcirca 1640


The building was built in the 1640s on the initiative of Per Brahe the Younger (1602–1680) and was later rebuilt several times. The house received its current appearance with towers and gothic windows in the 1860s according to drawings by the architects Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander (1816–1881) and Thor Medelplan (1832-1863). [4][5][6]

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