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Bodeco is a rock and roll band out of Louisville, Kentucky, formed in 1984 by guitarist, singer and songwriter Ricky Feather and drummer Brian Burkett. It later grew into a full band, with its most famous line-up featuring Feather, Burkett, guitarist Wink O'Bannon, bassist Jimmy Brown and multi-instrumentalist Gary Stillwell. Only Feather, Brown and Stillwell remain from that version.

OriginLouisville, Kentucky
GenresRock and roll, alternative pop, alternative rock, rockabilly, psychobilly
LabelsHomestead Safe House
MembersRicky Feather
Jimmy Brown
Gary Stillwell
Gene Wickliffe
Freddie Wethington

Titled after a portmanteau of "Bo Diddley" and zydeco, the quintet typically plays a fast-paced country- and blues-tinged rock and roll. The band has recorded four studio albums, including the November 2009 release of "Soul Boost", and a live album.

Bodeco has had a considerable impact on the Louisville music scene, finding a place at No. 80 on WFPK's "top 1000 albums of all time"[1] and inspiring Trouser Press to dub them "[o]ne of the most underappreciated combos in the early-to-mid-'90s indie roots-rock movement".[2]


Praised by Trouser Press for "celebratory party rawk",[2] the band's psychobilly approach to music garnered comparisons to The Cramps, '68 Comeback and Southern Culture On The Skids. In 1992, The New York Times described the quintet as "a skunky country-rockabilly outfit",[3] noting in 1993 that "[t]here's nothing quaint, cute or five-and-dime about Bodeco's brand of rockabilly. Greasy as a truck-stop burger and bumpier than a high-speed ride in the back of a pickup, this band of Louisville wild men eschews retro contrivances in favor of gristle, marrow and the occasional backwoods yowl".[4]


  • Ricky Feather – vocals, guitar
  • Jimmy Brown – bass
  • Gary Stillwell – percussion, keyboards
  • Gene Wickliffe – drums
  • Freddy "Southside" Wethington – guitar

Former membersEdit

  • Wink O'Bannon – guitar
  • Brian Burkett – drums
  • Rick Mason – guitar
  • Nick Reifsteck – guitar
  • Bill Barney - guitar
  • Dave Rapp - guitar


Studio albumsEdit

  • Bone, Hair & Hide (1992)
  • Callin' All Dogs (1995)
  • Crazy Wild (2003)
  • Soul Boost (2009)


  • High Window (1995)

Compilation contributionsEdit

  • Wreck Room, Vol. 3 (1996)
  • Sourmash (1998)


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