Bodø Spektrum

Bodø Spektrum is an indoor sports complex in Bodø, Norway. In 1990, construction of Nordlandshallen started, which would allow Glimt a winter training ground,[1] It opened on 21 September 1991.[2]

Bodø Spektrum
Nordlandshallen in Bodø.jpg
Nordlandshallen at Bodø Spektrum
LocationBodø, Norway
Coordinates67°16′42″N 14°24′53″E / 67.2782°N 14.4147°E / 67.2782; 14.4147Coordinates: 67°16′42″N 14°24′53″E / 67.2782°N 14.4147°E / 67.2782; 14.4147
OwnerBodø Municipality
OperatorBodø Spektrum AS
SurfaceArtificial turf
Opened21 September 1991
FK Bodø/Glimt
Grand Bodø
Bodø HK

The largest hall is Nordlandshallen, an association football hall with artificial turf and seating for 5,500 used by Bodø/Glimt and Grand Bodø. Bodøhallen opened in 2007 and is used for handball by Bodø HK. It also consists of Nordlandsbadet, a water park.

Nordlandshallen was used as Bodø/Glimts main venue during the last season matches in the Norwegian Premier League in 1993 and 1997.[3][4]


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