Bobsleigh at the 2006 Winter Olympics

Three bobsleigh events were competed at the 2006 Winter Olympics, at the Cesana Pariol venue. The competition took place between February 17 and February 26, 2006.[1]

at the XX Olympic Winter Games
Bobsleigh Olympics 2006.png
VenueCesana Pariol
Dates17–26 February
Competitors150 from 22 nations
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The events used the newly built Cesana Pariol track measuring 1435 metres with 19 curves, a vertical change of 114 metres, and an approximate top speed of 130 kilometres per hour.

Competitions comprised four heats. Teams raced in the first and third heats in the order of the draw. The second heat was raced in order of ranking after the first heat, and the fourth heat is raced in order of the ranking after the first three heats. Total time for the four heats determined the final rank.


The qualification was based on the results of pilots, with other members of a bobsleigh crew being selected by their National Olympic Committees. In the two man event, the top 22 pilots from the World Cup 2005–2006 season, the top four from the European Challenge Cup, and the top two from the North American Challenge Cup all qualified, subject to limits on number of crews per NOC. The four man event qualification was identical except that the World Cup season qualifies only 20 pilots. The two-woman event allowed the top 15 pilots from the World Cup 2005–2006 season. NOCs may not have selected other pilots than those who were within the qualifying limits, though if more than two pilots have qualified the selection was made by each individual NOC.

The host nation is guaranteed at least one crew in each event. In addition, all five of the Olympic continents must be represented, with at least one crew in a men's event and one crew in the two woman event. Each nation is limited to two bobsleighs in each event.

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit


1  Germany3003
2  Canada0101
  United States0101
5  Switzerland0022
6  Italy0011
Totals (6 entries)3339



Event Gold Silver Bronze
  Germany (GER)
André Lange
Kevin Kuske
3:43.38   Canada (CAN)
Pierre Lueders
Lascelles Brown
3:43.59   Switzerland (SUI)
Martin Annen
Beat Hefti
  Germany (GER)
André Lange
René Hoppe
Kevin Kuske
Martin Putze
3:40.42   Russia (RUS)
Alexandre Zoubkov
Philippe Egorov
Alexei Seliverstov
Alexey Voevoda
3:40.55   Switzerland (SUI)
Martin Annen
Thomas Lamparter
Beat Hefti
Cedric Grand
  Germany (GER)
Sandra Kiriasis
Anja Schneiderheinze
3:49.98   United States (USA)
Shauna Rohbock
Valerie Fleming
3:50.69   Italy (ITA)
Gerda Weissensteiner
Jennifer Isacco

Participating NOCsEdit

Twenty two nations contributed bobsleighs to the events. [2]


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