Bobby Rivas is a salsa/balladeer singer, composer, actor and musician from El Salvador. His band performs salsa and Latin music in general at his group's concerts.

Born in El Salvador, Central America, the son of a Nicaraguan father and Salvadorean mother, Bobby began to sing at the age of six in school shows, church choirs, benefits, weddings, while devoting time to his other passion, playing goalkeeper in soccer (football).

At age eleven, Bobby participated in the "Buscando Estrellas" festival, from which he emerged a finalist. At thirteen, he joined the Chucho Tovar Flores orchestra, in which he had the opportunity to travel and to relocate to Los Angeles, California.

In 1977 he joined the "LA Compañia" orchestra, where he was introduced to the Tropical Music scene in Los Angeles. In 1980, the promoter Roberto Rivera invited Bobby to form his own group. Bobby began to perform at the Hollywood Palladium, opening for headliners such as El Gran Combo, Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, Machito, Celia Cruz, and others. It was here that his desire to sing Salsa was born. He united with musicians from the barrio, Alex Acuña, Luis Conte, Yari More, Justo Almario and others, to form "The Los Angeles Salsa All Stars," a twenty piece band that performed in Tuesday night descargas at the Peruvian Room.

In 1986, Bobby took first prize in the OTI Festival in Los Angeles. He accepted invitations to sing in the song festivals, such as The Curaçao Song Festival, Holland Casino Sheveningeng, Colombia Festibuga, Peru Ancon Festival, and New Yorks' "Festival Latino de la Cancion".

Between festivals and concerts, Bobby sang and produced music for television and films and commercials with producers such as Bebu Silvetti, Jorge Calandrelli, Hector Garrido, Harry Manfrediny, Emilio Kauderer, Cesar Benitez, Sandy Stein, Ramon Flores, Gustavo Farias, Kenny Obrien, Jesus Alejandro Perez "El Niño"and others. He appeared in "Las Palmas De Oro" in Mexico City, acting in the movie "Pesadilla En Las Vegas," starring Cornelio Reyna Jr. and in "L.A.Confidential." Bobby Riva's voice is the voice of Sebastian in the Spanish version of "The Little Mermaid." His music is also featured in "The Shield FX." Mr. Rivas has also appeared on stage with musicians such as Diego Verdaguer, Celia Cruz, Dyango, Braulio, Lucho Gatica, Antonio Prieto, Olga Guillot, Daniel Santos, Bobby Capo, Anacani, Marisela, Trigo Limpio, Angela Carrasco, Lupita Ferrer, Tierra, War and others. His music can be found in iTunes and other stores also videos on YouTube.

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