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Blue Obelisk is an informal group of chemists who promote open data, open source, and open standards; it was initiated by Peter Murray-Rust and others in 2005.[1][2][3] Multiple open source cheminformatics projects associate themselves with the Blue Obelisk, among which, in alphabetical order, Avogadro, Bioclipse, cclib, Chemistry Development Kit, GaussSum, JChemPaint, JOELib, Kalzium, Openbabel, OpenSMILES,[4] and UsefulChem.[5]

Blue Obelisk
FounderPeter Murray-Rust
Official language

Dependency diagram of some Blue Obelisk projects.

The project has handed out personal awards for achievements in promoting Open Data, Open Source and Open Standards. Among those who received[6] a Blue Obelisk Award are:

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