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Blood Upon the Rose

Blood Upon the Rose: Easter 1916: The Rebellion that Set Ireland Free is a 2009 graphic novel written and illustrated by Irish author Gerry Hunt and published by O'Brien Press.

Blood Upon the Rose: Easter 1916: The Rebellion that Set Ireland Free
Date 2009
Publisher O'Brien Press
Creative team
Writers Gerry Hunt
Artists Gerry Hunt
Colourists BrenB
ISBN 1-84717-217-2

The novel was the first to depict the events of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin by Irish Nationalists in comic form,[1] and has been praised for avoiding artistic licence when re-telling the story[1] and for the extensive research that was done to maintain factual authenticity,[2] despite a 'strong pro-Republican bias'.[3]

It covers the Rising from its planning stages through to the executions of its leaders, although it has been criticised for being too short, with significant events that occurred during the 1916 Easter week not having 'space to breathe'.[1] The title comes from a poem by Joseph Plunkett, who was married a few hours before his execution for his involvement as one of the leaders of the Rising.


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