Blind Witness (film)

Blind Witness is a 1989 American made-for-television thriller drama film starring Victoria Principal, Paul Le Mat and Stephen Macht. It was set and filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah and broadcast on ABC on November 26, 1989.[1][2]

Blind Witness
Written byTom Sullivan
Edmond Stevens
Robert Carrington
Directed byRichard A. Colla
StarringVictoria Principal
Paul Le Mat
Stephen Macht
Theme music composerBob Alcivar
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Hans Proppe
Victoria Principal (co-executive producer)
Producer(s)Richard A. Colla
Tom Sullivan (co-producer)
Courtney Pledger (co-producer)
Ira Marvin (line producer)
CinematographyLarry Pizer
Editor(s)Bob Kagey
Robert L. Kimble
Running time93 minutes
Production company(s)King Phoenix Entertainment
Shadowplay Films
King Features Entertainment
Original networkABC
Original releaseNovember 26, 1989


Maggie Kemlich is a blind woman who leads an active, independent life despite her disability. Maggie witnesses robbers murder her husband, Gordon, using a stun gun. However, with the exception of Det. Mike Tuthill, police dismiss her observations due to the fact that she is blind. Police arrest the men who they believe committed the murder, but Maggie goes public with the fact that she believes they have the wrong men, prompting the murderers to come after her. She then seeks out to identify the true killers, and sets up a trap to enact revenge.

Det. Mike Tuthill shows up at Maggie's loft to check on her, but Maggie knocks him unconscious, believing him to be one of the killers. The killers show up at Maggie's loft shortly thereafter, and she traps them in the elevator, temporarily blinds them using high intensity camera lights, and shocks them with a stun gun. One of the killers, Remy, escapes the elevator and attacks Maggie, but she shoots him using Det. Tuthill's gun. Still alive, Remy tricks Maggie into wasting bullets by throwing items in various directions. Det. Tuthill regains consciousness and fights Remy, but Remy pins him to the ground and chokes him with a pipe. Tuthill tells Maggie that the killer is on top of him and to shoot. Maggie hesitates, fearing that she will hit Tuthill, but does shoot, hitting Remy and killing him.



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