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Blestyashchiye (Russian: Блестя́щие, IPA: [blʲɪˈsʲtʲæɕːɪɪ], lit. the brilliant ones) is one of the first and most enduring all-girl singing groups in Russia.

Group members in 2012
Group members in 2012
Background information
GenresDance-pop, teen pop
Years active1995–present
WebsiteOfficial Website
MembersKsenia Novikova
Marina Berezhnaya
Sylvia Zolotova
Kristina Illarionova
Past membersSee: List of Blestyashchiye members
Olga Orlova
Varvara Koroleva
Polina Iodis
Irina Lukyanova
Zhanna Friske
Yulia Kovalchuk
Anna Semenovich
Nadezhda Ruchka
Anastasia Osipova
Natalia Friske
Anna Dubovitskaya
Yulianna Lukasheva
Natalya Asmolova


1996–1999: "Tam, tol'ko tam" and "Prosto mechty"Edit

Originally Blestyashchiye consisted of three singers: Olga Orlova, Polina Iodis and Varvara Koroleva. In 1996 Irina Lukjanova and Janna Friske joined the group when Varvara Koroleva left the group right after the release of their first album Tam, Tol'ko Tam (Russian: Там, только там, English: There, Only There). Featuring original arrangements, lovely lyrics, and artistic music videos, Blestyashchiye became quite popular. They went on tour across the country, and they were highly praised. There, Janna became an instant success with her excellent vocal abilities and superb dancing skills. In 1997 they released the album Tam, Tol'ko Tam (Remixes). In 1998, the group released their second album Prosto Mechty (Russian: Просто мечты, English: Only Dreams). This album included such musical best sellers, "Gde Zhe Ti Gde?", "Oblaka", and "Cha, Cha, Cha". After the album was released, Polina Iodis left the group and the three remaining girls continued to work together. In August 1999, Ksenia Novikova joined Blestyashchiye. Soon, the group released a new single "Za osen'yu pridet zima" (Russian: За осенью придёт зима, English: During the autumn comes winter).

2000–2002: "O ljubvi..." and "Za chetyre morya"Edit

They released a new album in 2000, titled O Lyubvi... (Russian: О любви..., English: About Love...). The album featured ten new songs, one of which, "Ciao Bambino", was named the most "provocative" clip of year. The hit "Za Osen'yu Pridet Zima" was another single from O Lyubvi.... The group won many awards that year, and went on tour in cities of Russia, the countries of the Near abroad, and abroad. Soon Olga Orlova (the front member and the songwriter of the songs that made Blestyashchiye famous) became pregnant and left the group. The success of the group was later proven by Belym Snegom (By White Snow), a greatest hits collection, including "Belym Snegom" and "Dolgo Tebya Zdala". The video clips for the songs at the time were in "Russian Top Ten" and "Top-20" on MTV. In June 2001, Yulia Kovalchuk was finishing up her 10th and 11th years of schooling, after which she planned to leave Moscow and return to her hometown, Volgagrad, to take a year's vacation. Her friends had told her that Blestyashchiyes' producers were going to be in attendance at the school's year-end recital. The rumor was that "Blest" was hoping to include more dance in their shows, and thus they were looking for new talent. And the story goes, Julia was waiting to go onstage for her performance, when a Blest producer happened to pass by. The producer took an instant liking to Yulia, and asked if she could sing. Eventually they went to a studio, where she sang for them, and left her contact information. She went home as planned, for her much needed rest. On July 31, she received a call that she would need to be in Moscow on August 1(the next day), to start her new career as a member of the group Blestyashchiye. Yulia did not receive a very warm reception in Moscow. She was 18, and she was taking her first step into a pop group, whose members were struggling with finding an identity for the group, as well as their own survival. Yulia's first performance in Blestyashchiye came at the recording of "Pesna Goda" on September 5, 2001. Yulia described the occasion as "I was in the right place at the right time." Janna Friske is considered the leader of the group, publicity director, and oversees that girls communicate "daily". In their 'free time' the four members wrote songs for their next album, Za Chetyre Morya (Russian: За четыре моря, English: Beyond Four Seas) (2002). The first hit from the album was the memorable "A Ya Vse Letala", the video played continuously on all music channels. In 2003 Irina Lukyanova became pregnant and left the group. Later on Blestyashchiye was joined by the former figure skater Anna Semenovich.

2003–2006: "Apel'sinoviy ray" and "Vostochniye skazki"Edit

Their fifth studio album Apel'sinoviy ray (Russian: Апельсиновый рай, English: Orange Paradise) (2003) was an extraordinary success and left its mark on the year. The last hit song off the album, "Novogodnaya Pesnya", became a true anthem that goes to the heart of winter holidays at the year's end, and the earlier hit song "Apelcinovie Rai" the summer anthem. Blestyashchiye was one of the first girl-groups in Russia, yet they still have a firm hold on the leading position among other female groups. In 2003, after the release of Apelcinovie Rai, Janna Friske left the group to embark on her solo career. On April 1, 2004 Friske was replaced by Nadia Ruchka. When asked the question how she joined group Blestyashchiye, Nadia answered so: "It is very simple. My friend called and told that Blestyashchiye wanted me to audition. My previous band just had just broken up. And 'Blest' was searching for new members. But was on first of April (April Fools' Day), and I mistook the offer as a joke. Therefore I said: 'Please, you will not joke. I do not wish to listen to such silly jokes. You will come home, and we shall talk.' At first I joined in group on a trial period. I have started to go a little with girls by tour. Stepped onstage in two-three numbers. Then I began to participate in recording songs." In the group, Nadia was well accepted. "If there are any questions, we find it easy to communicate," the singer tells. "Everyone understands, the work is complex. Now the trial my period has ended, therefore I work on full power." In 2005 the group released their 8th album, Vostochniye skazki (Russian: Восточные сказки, English: Oriental Fairytales) featuring a duet with the famous Iranian singer Arash. They also released the singles "Palmy Parami", "Kak Zvezda", "Agent 007", and the earlier mentioned "Novogodnyaya Pesna".

2007–present: "Odnoklassniki" and singlesEdit

In March 2007, Anna Semenovich left the group to pursue a solo career, and was soon replaced by Anastasia Osipova. In summer 2007, amid rumors of pregnancy and a solo career, Kseniya left the group. At the 2007 Russian Music Awards, it was announced that Natalia Friske was the newest member of Blestyashchiye. The announcement was made by her sister, Janna Friske, during a performance by Blestyashchiye, including present and former members, while they performed a medley of Blest hit songs, live. Yulia Kovalchuk, whose contract with Blestyashchiye expired on December 31, 2007 has left the group to start her solo career. Under contract with Martin Music, she is expected to release her first single in February, 2008. There may be a music video for it in the spring, and her debut album is supposed to be released in fall 2008. On February 5, 2008, the group announced their newest member, Anna Dubovitskaja.



  • 03.1995 – 04.1996: Olga Orlova, Polina Iodis & Varvara Koroleva
  • 04.1996 – 05.1997: Olga Orlova, Polina Iodis & Irina Lukyanova
  • 05.1997 – 11.1998: Olga Orlova, Polina Iodis, Irina Lukyanova & Zhanna Friske
  • 11.1998 – 08.1999: Olga Orlova, Irina Lukyanova & Zhanna Friske
  • 08.1999 – 11.2000: Olga Orlova, Irina Lukyanova, Zhanna Friske & Kseniya Novikova
  • 11.2000 – 08.2001: Irina Lukyanova, Zhanna Friske & Kseniya Novikova
  • 08.2001 – 03.2003: Irina Lukyanova, Zhanna Friske, Kseniya Novikova & Yulia Kovalchuk
  • 03.2003 – 06.2003: Zhanna Friske, Kseniya Novikova & Yulia Kovalchuk
  • 06.2003 – 09.2003: Zhanna Friske, Kseniya Novikova, Yulia Kovalchuk & Anna Semenovich
  • 09.2003 – 04.2004: Kseniya Novikova, Yulia Kovalchuk & Anna Semenovich
  • 04.2004 – 03.2007: Kseniya Novikova, Yulia Kovalchuk, Anna Semenovich & Nadezhda Rucka
  • 03.2007 – 05.2007: Kseniya Novikova, Yulia Kovalchuk, Nadezhda Rucka & Anastasia Osipova
  • 05.2007 – 10.2007: Yulia Kovalchuk, Nadezhda Rucka, Anastasia Osipova
  • 06.2007 – 08.2007: Yulia Kovalchuk, Nadezhda Rucka, Anastacia Osipova & Natalia Asmolova
  • 10.2007 – 01.2008: Yulia Kovalchuk, Nadezhda Rucka, Anastacia Osipova & Natalia Friske
  • 02.2008 – 06.2008: Nadezhda Rucka, Anastasia Osipova, Natalia Friske & Anna Dubovitskaya
  • 06.2008 – 11.2009: Nadezhda Rucka, Anastasia Osipova, Anna Dubovitskaya & Yulianna Lukasheva
  • 11.2009 – 06.2011: Nadezhda Rucka, Anastasia Osipova, Anna Dubovitskaya & Marina Berezhnaya
  • 06.2011 – 09.2011: Kseniya Novikova, Nadezhda Rucka, Anastasia Osipova, Anna Dubovitskaya & Marina Berezhnaya
  • 09.2011 – 06.2015 : Kseniya Novikova, Nadezhda Rucka, Anastasia Osipova & Marina Berezhnaya
  • 06.2015 – 10.2015 : Kseniya Novikova, Nadezhda Rucka, Marina Berezhnaya & Natalya Asmolova
  • 10.2015 – 06.2017 : Nadezhda Rucka, Marina Berezhnaya, Sylvia Zolotova & Kristina Illarionova
  • 06.2017 – 05.2018 : Marina Berezhnaya, Sylvia Zolotova & Kristina Illarionova
  • 05.2018 —  : Ksenia Novikova, Marina Berezhnaya, Sylvia Zolotova & Kristina Illarionova

Line-up changesEdit

Member Participation Replaced by
Nickname Name in Latin script
(birth name)
Name in Cyrillic script
Olga (Ольга) Olga Orlova Ольга Орлова 1995–2000 Yulia
Polina (Полина) Polina Iodis Полина Иодис 1995–1998 Kseniya
Varvara (Варвара) Varvara Koroleva Варвара Королева 1995–1996 Irina
Irina (Ирина) Irina Lukyanova Ирина Лукьянова 1996–2003 Anna S.
Zhanna (Жанна) Zhanna Friske Жанна Фриске 1997–2003 Nadezhda
Kseniya (Ксения) Kseniya Novikova Ксения Новикова 1999–2007
since 2018
1st time: Natalia

second time: Krisina
current member

Yulia (Юлия) Yulia Kovalchuk Юлия Ковальчук 2001–2007 Anna D.
Anna S. (Анна) Anna Semenovich Анна Семенович 2003–2007 Anastasia
Nadezhda (Надежда) Nadezhda Ruchka Надежда Ручка 2004-2017
Anastasia (Анастасия) Anastasia Osipova Анастасия Осипова 2007-2015 Natalya
Natalya (Наталия) Natalya Asmolova Наталия Асмолова 2007
Natalia (Наталья) Natalia Friske Наталья Фриске 2007–2008 Yulianna
Anna D. (Анна) Anna Dubovitskaya Анна Дубовицкая 2008–2011
Yulianna (Юлианна) Yulianna Lukasheva Юлианна Лукашева 2008–2009 Marina
Marina (Марина) Marina Berezhnaya Марина Бережная since 2009 current member
Sylvia (Сильвия) Sylvia Zolotova Сильвия Золотова since 2015 current member
Krisina (Кристина) Kristina Illarionova Кристина Илларионова since 2015 current member


Studio albumsEdit

  • 1996: Tam, tol'ko tam ("There, Only there")
  • 1998: Prosto mechty ("Only dreams")
  • 2000: O ljubvi... ("About love...")
  • 2002: Za chetyre morya ("Beyond four seas")
  • 2003: Apel'sinoviy ray ("Orange paradise")
  • 2006: Vostochniye skazki ("Oriental fairytales")

Compilation albumsEdit

  • 1997: Tam, tol'ko tam (Remixes) ("There, Only there (Remixes)" - 1st Remix album)
  • 2000: Belym snegom ("White snow" - 1st Compilation album)
  • 2008: Odnoklassniki
  • 2016: Best 20


From "Tam, tol'ko tam"

  • 1996: Tam, tol'ko tam (O. Orlova, P. Iodis, V. Koroleva) ("There, Only there")
  • 1996: Tuman (O. Orlova, P. Iodis, I. Lukyanova) ("Fog")
  • 1997: Cveti (O. Orlova, P. Iodis, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske) ("Flowers")

From "Prosto mechty"

  • 1997: Oblaka (O. Orlova, P. Iodis, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske) ("Clouds")
  • 1998: Cha, Cha, Cha (O. Orlova, P. Iodis, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske) ("Cha, Cha, Cha")
  • 1998: Gde Zhe Ti Gde (O. Orlova, P. Iodis, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske) ("Where are you, where")

From "O ljubvi..."

  • 1998: New Year (feat. A-Mega) (O. Orlova, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske)
  • 1999: Milyi Rulevoy (O. Orlova, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova) ("Sweet steering")
  • 1999: Za osen'yu pridet zima (O. Orlova, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova) ("During the autumn comes winter")
  • 1999: Ciao bambino (O. Orlova, I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova) ("Hey baby")

From "Belym snegom"

  • 2000: Belym snegom (I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova) ("White snow")
  • 2001: Dolgo tebya zdala (I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova) ("How long you waited")

From "Za chetyre morya"

  • 2001: Au, Au (I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk)
  • 2002: Za chetyre morya (I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk) ("Beyond four seas")
  • 2002: A ya vse letala (I. Lukyanova, Z. Friske, K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk) ("And I flew")

From "Apel'sinoviy ray"

  • 2003: Apel'sinoviy pesnya (Z. Friske, K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk, A. Semenovich) ("Orange song")

From "Vostochniye skazki"

  • 2004: Novogodnya pesnya (K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk, A. Semenovich, N. Rucka) ("New Year Song")
  • 2005: Palmy parami (K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk, A. Semenovich, N. Rucka) ("Palm pairs")
  • 2005: Brat moy desantnik (K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk, A. Semenovich, N. Rucka) ("Brother my paratrooper")
  • 2005: Vostochniye skazki (feat. Arash) (K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk, A. Semenovich, N. Rucka) ("Oriental fairytales")
  • 2006: Agent 007 (K. Novikova, Y. Kovalchuk, A. Semenovich, N. Rucka) ("Agent 007")

From "Odnoklassniki"

  • 2008: Odnoklassniki (N. Rucka, A. Osipova, A. Dubovitskaya, Y. Lukasheva) ("Classmates")

Singles only

  • 2007: Tili-testo (K. novikova, N. Ruchka, Y. Kovalchuk, A. Osipova)
  • 2008: Znaesh, Milyi (N. Rucka, A. Osipova, A. Dubovitskaya, Y. Lukasheva) ("Do You Know My Dear?")
  • 2010: Shar (N. Rucka, A. Osipova, A. Dubovitskaya, M. Berezhnaya) ("Ball")
  • 2010: Utro (N. Rucka, A. Osipova, A. Dubovitskaya, M. Berezhnaya) ("Morning")
  • 2011: Lubov (N. Rucka, A. Osipova, A. Dubovitskaya, M. Berezhnaya, K. Novikova) ("Love")
  • 2011: Milyi Moy ("My Dear")
  • 2012: Iz chego zhe? ("What is it?)"
  • 2012: Zelenye Glaza ("Green eyes)"
  • 2013: S Dnem Rozhdenya ("Happy Birthday")
  • 2013: K Ekvatoru ("To Ekvator")
  • 2013: Poteryat ("To Lost")
  • 2015 : Ne otdavay menya nikomu ("Don't give me to anyone")
  • 2015 : Brigada malyarov ("Brigade of Painters")
  • 2017 : Eto Lubov ("It's Love")
  • 2017 : Ryzhaya Devochka ("Redhead Girl")
  • 2017 : Solntse ("The Sun")
  • 2018 : Svistok sovot! sovmestno s Svetlanoy Feodulovoy ("The whistle is calling! feat Svetlana Feodulova")
  • 2020 : Volny ("Waves")
  • 2020 : Zvozdochka ("Star")

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