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The Blaine Act was sponsored by Wisconsin Senator John J. Blaine and passed by the United States Senate on February 17, 1933. It initiated the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which established Prohibition in the United States. The repeal was formally adopted as the 21st Amendment to the Constitution on December 5, 1933.

Blaine Act
Great Seal of the United States
Long titleJoint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
NicknamesSenate Joint Resolution 211
Enacted bythe 72nd United States Congress
Legislative history
  • Introduced in the Senate as S.Con.Res. 211 by John J. Blaine (R-WI) on February 14, 1933
  • Passed the Senate on February 17, 1933 (69-27)
  • Passed the House on February 20, 1933 (294-126)

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