Black Star Gate

The Black Star Gate is part of the Independence Square now known as the Black Star Square in Accra.[1] It is located at the center of the Square where parades are held. The Black Star Gate is a monument topped by the Black Star of Africa. The five-pointed star represents Africa in general and particularly Ghana itself. It has the inscription “AD 1957” and “Freedom and Justice”.[2][3] The Black Star Gate was commissioned by Kwame Nkrumah to indicate the country's supreme power to control its own affairs.[4]

The Black Star Gate in Accra
Black Star Gate on the reverse of a 2002 10000 Cedis banknote


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Coordinates: 5°32′56″N 0°11′34″W / 5.54901°N 0.19286°W / 5.54901; -0.19286