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Dimitrios Roussopoulos

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Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos (born 1936) is a political activist, ecologist, writer, editor, publisher, community organizer, and public speaker. Educated in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at several Montreal and London universities, Roussopoulos has sought to keep himself free from any academic confinement, and apart from having taught for two years in the late sixties at a college that followed the progressive education philosophy of John Dewey, he has remained institutionally independent.[1]

Active with and promoting the World Social Forum, Roussopoulos continues to advance the need for an extra-parliamentary opposition in Canada. His major interest has been seeing democracy from the bottom-up developed within the perspective of the social ecology of Murray Bookchin. In February–March 2012, he founded in Athens, the Transnational Institute of Social Ecology, a network of intellectual/activists working in various cities in Europe.[2][3][4]




  • The Case for Participatory Democracy, co-edited with C.George Benello, 1970
  • The New Left in Canada, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1970
  • The New Left – Legacy and Continuity, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 2007
  • The Rise of Cities, edited by and written by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 2012
  • Faith in Faithlessness – an anthology of atheism, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 2008
  • Anarchist Papers, 2001; Anarchist Papers 2, 1989; Anarchist Papers 3, 1990 edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos
  • 1984 and after, co-edited Marsha Hewitt, 1984
  • Political Ecology; beyond environmentalism by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1993
  • Ecologie Politique by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1994, plus translations in Danish and Greek,
  • Political Economy of the State – Canada, Quebec, United States edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1973
  • Canada and Radical Social Change, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1973
  • Dissidence – Essays against the Mainstream by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1992
  • Our Generation against Nuclear War, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1983
  • Coming of World War Three, by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1986
  • Quebec and Radical Social Change, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1974
  • Radical Papers, 1986, Radical Papers 2, 1987, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos,
  • City and Radical Social Change, edited by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1982
  • Public Place – Citizen Participation in the Neighbourhood and the City by Dimitri Roussopoulos, 1999.
  • The Rise of Cities, 2012


  • L’écologie politique – Au-delà de l’environnementalisme, 1994
  • Au Bout de L’Impasse a Gauche – récits de vie militant et perspectives d’avenir, Baillargeon/Piotte, 2007

Further readingEdit

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