Black Local Authorities Act, 1982

The Black Local Authorities Act of 1982 provided for the establishment of a series of local government structures similar to those operating in the South African Apartheid "White areas". For the first time under Apartheid, African black residents of urban locations gained something like autonomy. Although the African black race did not have access to Parliament, this Act gave the racial group some local township power.

Black Local Authorities Act, 1982
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Parliament of South Africa
CitationAct No. 102 of 1982
Enacted byParliament of South Africa
Assented to23 June 1982
Commenced1 August 1983
Repealed2 February 1994
Administered byMinister of Co-operation and Development
Repealed by
Local Government Transition Act, 1993
Status: Repealed

Elected by local residents, councillors were responsible for township administration on budgets raised by local rents and levies.


The Act was repealed on 2 February 1994 by the Local Government Transition Act, 1993.

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