Black Book (soundtrack)

The album Black Book is the soundtrack of the film Black Book (2006). The album was supposed to be released on 29 September 2006 by Warner, but this was rescheduled. The first release was on 2 October 2006 by Milan Records.[1]

Black Book
CD cover Black Book.jpg
Album cover of Black Book
Soundtrack album by
Released2 October 2006
RecordedAngel Recording Studios, London
LanguageEnglish, German
LabelMilan Records, Warner
ProducerRoger Dudley

The album contains 23 tracks. The first four tracks, songs from the 1930s and 1940s, are sung by actress Carice van Houten. In the film Black Book she plays Rachel Stein, a singer from Berlin. The first of these four songs is in English and the other three are in German. The other 19 tracks on the album are written by Anne Dudley. The music is arranged and conducted by Anne Dudley. The album is produced by Roger Dudley.[1]

Track listingEdit

1."A Hundred Years from Today"Ned Washington, Joe YoungVictor YoungCarice van Houten2:15
2."Ich bin die fesche Lola"Robert Liebmann[2]Friedrich Hollaender[2]Carice van Houten0:56
3."Ja, das ist meine Melodie"Bruno Balz[3]Werner Bochmann[3]Carice van Houten3:22
4."Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein"F. Schöder[4]Hans Fritz Beckmann[4]Carice van Houten3:30
5."Rachel's Theme" Anne Dudley 1:28
6."The Black Book" Anne Dudley 2:18
7."Escape Through The Marshes" Anne Dudley 2:42
8."In Pursuit" Anne Dudley 3:03
9."Rachel's Plan" Anne Dudley 1:38
10."In Too Deep" Anne Dudley 1:56
11."Shot At Dawn" Anne Dudley 2:00
12."Sleeping With The Enemy" Anne Dudley 3:01
13."Escape Plans" Anne Dudley 3:01
14."The Insider" Anne Dudley 1:57
15."Falling Into The Trap" Anne Dudley 1:45
16."Confessions Of The Night" Anne Dudley 3:13
17."Escape By Sea" Anne Dudley 1:33
18."A Hero Of The Resistance" Anne Dudley 3:19
19."Intelligence Gathering" Anne Dudley 2:05
20."Rumours Of Liberation" Anne Dudley 2:16
21."Victims Of The Occupation" Anne Dudley 1:34
22."Rachel's Retribution" Anne Dudley 4:40
23."The Endless River" Anne Dudley 2:04
Total length:55:36


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