Diocese of Skálholt

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The Diocese of Skálholt (Icelandic: Skálholtsbiskupa [ˈskaulˌhɔl(t)sˌpɪskʏpa]) is a suffragan diocese of the Church of Iceland. It was the estate of the first bishop in Iceland, Isleifr Gizurarson, who became bishop in 1056. (Christianity had been formally adopted in 1000). His son, Gizurr, donated it to become the official see. The Diocese was amalgamated in 1801 and now forms part of the Diocese of Iceland under the leadership of the Bishop of Iceland.[1][2] In 1909 the diocese was restored as a suffragan see, with the Bishop of Skálholt being a suffragan bishop to the Bishop of Iceland.[3]

Diocese of Skálholt

Skálholtskirkja 2015-07-19.jpg
DenominationChurch of Iceland
Established1056 (As Diocese of Skálholt)
1909 (As Suffragan Diocese of Skálholt)
Dissolved1801 (As Diocese of Skálholt)
CathedralSkálholt Cathedral
SuffraganKristján Valur Ingólfsson

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The Diocese was amalgamated in 1801 and now forms part of the Diocese of Iceland.

Suffragan bishopricEdit

The see was discontinued from 1801 to 1909. It was revived in 1909 as a suffragan bishopric to the Bishop of Iceland,[5] with the bishop's cathedra in the traditional Skálholt cathedral church. In 1990 new legislation increased the authority and responsibilities of the Bishop of Skálholt as an assistant bishop in the Reykjavik diocese.[5]

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