Roman Catholic Diocese of Tempio-Ampurias

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The Diocese of Tempio-Ampurias (Latin: Dioecesis Templensis-Ampuriensis) is a Latin Church diocese of the Catholic Church in Sardinia, Italy. Until 1986 it was known as Diocese of Ampurias e Tempio. It is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Sassari

Diocese of Tempio-Ampurias

Dioecesis Templensis-Ampuriensis
Tempio Cathedral
Ecclesiastical provinceSassari
Area2,695 km2 (1,041 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2020)
Decrease 164,292
Increase 164,292 (Increase 100.0%)
DenominationCatholic Church
RiteRoman Rite
CathedralCattedrale di S. Pietro Apostolo (Tempio)
Co-cathedralConcattedrale di S. Antonio Abate (Castelsardo)
Current leadership
BishopSebastiano Sanguinetti
Co-cathedral in Ampurias

It had borne that name since 1506, when it was combined with the diocese of Tempio, previously being simply the diocese of Ampurias.[1]

History edit

Ampurias was erected in 1113; the diocese of Cività, now Tempio, in 304 by St. Simplicius. Cività was united to Ampurias by Pope Julius II in 1506.

Later the see was transferred to Terranuova. Pope Gregory XVI suppressed the cathedral there by the Bull Quamvis aqua, 26 August 1839, and raised the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, in Tempio, to a cathedral, uniting Tempio and Ampurias, so that one bishop should govern both.

The see was vacant from 1854 to 1871. Antonio Maria Contini was appointed bishop of Ogliastra, 26 September 1882, and transferred to this diocese, 16 January 1893.

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References edit

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