Birger Gregersson

Birger Gregersson (Latin: Birgerus Gregorii) (c. 1327 – 11 March 1383) was Archbishop of Uppsala from 1366 until his death 1383. [1]

Birger Gregersson
Archbishop of Uppsala
Primate of Sweden
ChurchRoman Catholic
In office1366–1383
PredecessorPetrus Torkilsson
SuccessorHenrik Karlsson
RankMetropolitan Archbishop
Personal details
Uppland, Sweden
Died10 March 1383
Mälaren, Sweden
ParentsGreger Johansson av Malstaätten


Birger Gregersson was probably born the son of Greger Jonsson av Malstaätten of Norrtälje-Malsta parish in Uppland. [2]

He was vicar of Österhaninge and then priest in Uppsala. He was canon of Strängnäs Cathedral from 1342 and dean of Uppsala Cathedral from 1356. He was a supporter of King Albrekt (c. 1338–1412) who appointed him chancellor. In 1365, Birger Gregersson is mentioned in the Diplomatarium Fennicum. In 1366, Birger Gregersson was elected archbishop of Uppsala diocese. He is considered one of the most important Swedish writers in the Middle Ages. [3][4]

He wrote a biography of Saint Birgitta (c. 1303–1373) and hymns to her and in honor of 12th-century missionary Saint Botvid (died ca 1120). [5][6]

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