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Bircenna (Ancient Greek: Βιρκέννα; ruled c. 292 – 272 BC) was an Illyrian princess and later an Epirote queen.

Queen of Epirus
Tenurec. 292 BC – c. 272 BC
SpousePyrrhus of Epirus
FatherBardylis II

Bircenna was the daughter of Bardylis II of the Dardanian Kingdom.[1] Bircenna was one of the five wives of Pyrrhus of Epirus; she married him around 292 BC.[2] Pyrrhus married Bircenna for diplomatic reasons and to increase his power in southern Illyria as he was an ally of Bircenna's father. Bircenna had a son named Helenus, who at an early age accompanied his father in his ambitious campaigns conducted in the Italian peninsula.[3] Lanassa, one of the wives of Pyrrhus, left him because she claimed that he took better care of his 'barbarian' wives.[4]

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