Binyamin Mintz (Hebrew: בנימין מינץ‎, 12 January 1903 – 30 May 1961) was an Israeli politician who served briefly as Minister of Postal Services from July 1960 until his death.

Binyamin Mintz
Binyamin Mintz.jpg
Date of birth12 January 1903
Place of birthŁódź, Russian Empire
Year of aliyah1925
Date of death30 May 1961(1961-05-30) (aged 58)
Knessets1, 2, 3, 4
Faction represented in Knesset
1949–1951United Religious Front
1951–1955Poalei Agudat Yisrael
1955–1960Religious Torah Front
1960–1961Poalei Agudat Yisrael
Ministerial roles
1960–1961Minister of Postal Services


Born in Łódź in the Russian Empire (today in Poland), Mintz studied in a Hasidic Ger school, and was a member of Young Agudat Yisrael. He made aliyah to Mandatory Palestine in 1925, and worked in construction and as a printer.

In 1933, he joined Poalei Agudat Yisrael, and was later a member of the Provisional State Council. In 1949, he was elected to the first Knesset on the list of the United Religious Front (an alliance of the four main religious parties). Re-elected in 1951, 1955, and 1959, he was appointed Minister of Postal Services by David Ben-Gurion on 17 July 1960, serving until his death the following May.

The village of Yad Binyamin, established in 1962, was named in his honour.

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