Bing Liu (scientist)

Bing Liu (1982 – May 2, 2020) was a Chinese coronavirus researcher living and researching in the United States.[1] He was a Research Assistant Professor of Computational & Systems Biology Department at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.[1] He was 37 years old at the time of his death, in which he was shot dead in his home. The case received American and Chinese media coverage.[1]


Liu was found dead at his home on May 2, 2020.[1] His work on coronaviruses led to speculation that his murder was related to his work, but Pittsburgh Police said that he was shot as a result of a murder-suicide.[1] The gunman was 46-year-old software engineer Hao Gu.[1] The police said that the murder was the result of a dispute over an intimate partner and that after murdering Bing Liu the gunman had gone back to his car and shot himself.[1]


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  • Bing Liu, personal site / Research Assistant Professor, Computational & Systems Biology Department, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
  • Bing Liu, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Computational Systems Biology, National U of Singapore