Bin el Ouidane Dam

The Bin el Ouidane Dam is an arch dam located 28 kilometres (17 mi) south of Beni Mellal on the El-Abid River in Azilal Province, Morocco. Designed by Coyne et Bellier and constructed between 1949 and 1953, the purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and irrigation. Its 135 MW (181,000 hp) power station produces an average of 287 gigawatt-hours (1,030 TJ) annually and water from the reservoir helps irrigate 69,500 hectares (172,000 acres) in the Beni Moussa and Tadla plains.[2]

Bin el Ouidane Dam
Barrage Bin el Ouidane 1.JPG
Upstream face and crest of the dam
Bin el Ouidane Dam is located in Morocco
Bin el Ouidane Dam
Location of Bin el Ouidane Dam in Morocco
Official nameBarrage Bin el Ouidane
LocationBeni Mellal
Coordinates32°06′24″N 06°27′49″W / 32.10667°N 6.46361°W / 32.10667; -6.46361
Construction began1949
Opening date1953
Owner(s)Office National de L'Electricite (ONE)
Dam and spillways
Type of damArch
ImpoundsEl-Abid River
Height133 m (436 ft)
Length290 m (950 ft)
Dam volume365,000 m3 (12,900,000 cu ft)
Total capacity1,500×10^6 m3 (1,200,000 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area6,400 km2 (2,500 sq mi)
Power Station
Commission date1953
Turbines3 x 45 MW (60,000 hp)
Installed capacity135 MW (181,000 hp)[1]
Annual generation287 GWh (1,030 TJ)

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