Billionth Barrel Monument

The Billionth Barrel Monument is a monument located in Seria, Brunei.[1]

Billionth Barrel Monument
4°37′00″N 114°19′02″E / 4.61678°N 114.31715°E / 4.61678; 114.31715
LocationSeria, Brunei
MaterialConcrete and gold
Beginning date1991
Completion date1991

History edit

The monument was built in 1991. It was commemorated by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah on 18 July 1991.[2] The monument commemorates the production of the billionth barrel of oil produced in the onshore oil field in Seria.

Location edit

The monument is located near the S-1, the first well discovered in Seria oil field. The well was discovered by Brunei Shell Petroleum in 1929.[2] The monument is located 38 meters from S-1, which is now located on the beach. The only marker that remains of S-1 is a corroded steel bar.[citation needed]

Design edit

On an elevated square, there are five pipes that form an arch structure that is crowned by a gilded coat of arms. The five pipes are reminiscent of the Five Pillars of Islam[1] and the floor tiles are designed according to Islamic models.

The monument was designed by a local architect.[1]

References edit

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