Billboard Most-Played Folk Records of 1946

The Billboard Most-Played Folk Records of 1946 is a year-end chart compiled Billboard magazine ranking the year's top folk records based on the number of times the record was played on the nation's juke boxes.[1] In 1946, country music records were included on, and dominated, the Billboard folk records chart.

Gene Autry, Al Dexter, and Bob Wills led the way with four records each on the year-end list. Merle Travis and Ernest Tubb followed with three apiece.

The song "Sioux City Sue" was included on the list three times, with records by Zeke Manners, the Hoosier Hot Shots, and Dick Thomas. In addition, Bing Crosby had a version that ranked No. 34 on the year-end pop chart.

Columbia led all labels with 16 records on the year-end chart. Capitol, Victor, and Decca followed with five records each.

Juke box
Peak[note 1][2] Title Artist(s) Label
1 1 New Spanish Two Step Bob Wills Columbia
2 1 Guitar Polka Al Dexter Columbia
3 1 Divorce Me C.O.D. Merle Travis Capitol
4 3 Roly Poly Bob Wills Columbia
5 2 Sioux City Sue Zeke Manners Victor
6 1 Wine, Women and Song Al Dexter Columbia
7 2 Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) Elton Britt Victor
8 2 Cincinnati Lou Merle Travis Capitol
9 2 Sioux City Sue Hoosier Hot Shots Decca
10 2 That's How Much I Love You Eddy Arnold Victor
11 1 Sioux City Sue Dick Thomas National
12 2 Honey, Do You Think I'm Wrong Al Dexter Columbia
13 3 I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine Gene Autry Columbia
14 2 Detour Spade Cooley Columbia
15 3 No Vacancy Merle Travis Capitol
16 5 Drivin' Nails in My Coffin Floyd Tillman Columbia
16 3 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? Gene Autry Columbia
16 1 Rainbow at Midnight Ernest Tubb Decca
19 3 You Can't Break My Heart Spade Cooley Columbia
19 2 Filipino Baby Ernest Tubb Decca
21 3 Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) Hoosier Hot Shots Decca
22 3 Wave to Me, My Lady Elton Britt Victor
23 1 Silver Dew on the Blue Grass Tonight Bob Wills Columbia
23 4 Wave to Me, My Lady Gene Autry Columbia
23 3 When You Leave, Don't Slam the Door Tex Ritter Capitol
26 1 It's Been So Long Darling Ernest Tubb Decca
27 4 Silver Spurs (On the Golden Stairs) Gene Autry Columbia
28 2 Stay a Little Longer Bob Wills Columbia
29 3 Kentucky Waltz Bill Monroe Columbia
30 1 You Will Have to Pay Tex Ritter Capitol
30 3 Guitar Polka Rosalie Allen Victor
30 3 It's Up to You Al Dexter Columbia
30 2 Freight Train Boogie Delmore Brothers King

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  1. ^ This column recites the record's peak position on Billboard's weekly charts.


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