Bilge Umar

Bilge Umar (born 1936) is a Turkish writer, researcher and jurist born in Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey.

He did his studies in Istanbul University Law School, where he also worked, after graduation in 1958, as an assistant and received his doctorate degree in 1962, with a thesis entitled Annulment Suit under Turkish Enforcement-Bankruptcy Law becoming an Associate Professor in 1967. Then he moved back to İzmir and held various managerial posts in İzmir's Ege University, as aside a career as an academician. He became one of the founders of the university's Law School, where he became the deputy to the dean, and a full professor in 1970. Prof. Dr. Bilge Umar is currently the Head of the Department of Public Law of Yeditepe University (İstanbul) Faculty of Law and is teaching "Civil Procedure Law" and "Appeal Procedure and Arbitration".

As much as his studies in various legal matters, he came to be known in Turkey for his popular books on ancient history (particularly on ancient cities in Turkey).


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  • Niebelungerlied, Les chansons de Roland, Alexiades, and other.