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The Big 12 Conference sponsors championships in 23 sports, 10 men's and 13 women's.[1] The first conference championship awarded was the 1996 softball postseason tournament championship, which was won by Oklahoma.

Big 12 Conference
Big 12 Championships logo.svg
Titles per University
Current Members
Baylor 80
Iowa State 26
Kansas 40
Kansas State 17
Oklahoma 82
Oklahoma State 77
TCU 10
Texas 185
Texas Tech 27
West Virginia 11
Affiliate members*
Air Force 0
Alabama 0
Denver 0
Fresno State 0
North Dakota State 0
Northern Colorado 0
Northern Iowa 0
Old Dominion 0
South Dakota State 0
Tennessee 0
Utah Valley 0
Wyoming 0
Former Members
Colorado 31
Missouri 13
Nebraska 80
Texas A&M 58
Big 12 Conference Map.svg
*Affiliate members compete in the following sports:
  • Women's gymnastics: Denver
  • Women's rowing: Alabama, Old Dominion, Tennessee
  • Wrestling: Air Force, Fresno State, North Dakota State,
    Northern Colorado, Northern Iowa, South Dakota State,
    Utah Valley, Wyoming

From 2011 through 2016, the football champion was decided by regular-season play. Previously divisional titles were awarded based on regular-season conference results, with the teams with the best conference records from the North and South playing in the Big 12 Championship Game for the Big 12 title. Following changes in NCAA rules, the Big 12 will reinstate its football championship game in 2017, with the top two teams in the final conference standings advancing to the title game. Baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis titles are awarded in both regular-season and tournament play. Cross country, golf, gymnastics, rowing, swimming and diving, track and field, and wrestling titles are awarded during an annual meet of participating teams. The volleyball and softball titles are awarded based on regular-season play. Softball previously held a post season tournament.

Current MembershipEdit

Team Season Regular Season[2] Postseason[2] Total[2]
Baylor Bears 1997–present 43 37 80
Iowa State Cyclones 1997–present 4 22 26
Kansas Jayhawks 1997–present 22 18 40
Kansas State Wildcats 1997–present 11 7 17
Oklahoma Sooners 1997–present 33 49 82
Oklahoma State Cowboys 1997–present 13 64 77
TCU Horned Frogs 2013–present 6 4 10
Texas Longhorns 1997–present 55 130 185
Texas Tech Red Raiders 1997–present 13 14 27
West Virginia Mountaineers 2013–present 6 5 11

Former MembersEdit

Team Season Regular Season[2] Postseason[2] Total[2]
Colorado Buffaloes 1997–2011 5 26 31
Missouri Tigers 1997–2012 6 7 13
Nebraska Cornhuskers 1997–2011 33 47 80
Texas A&M Aggies 1997–2012 20 38 58



All current Big 12 members sponsor baseball except Iowa State, which dropped the sport after the 2001 season. All former Big 12 members sponsored the sport throughout their tenures in the conference except Colorado, which never sponsored baseball during its time in the Big 12.[3]

Men's basketballEdit

Women's basketballEdit

Men's cross countryEdit

All Big 12 schools sponsor men's cross country except West Virginia.

Women's cross countryEdit

Women's equestrianEdit

Kansas State discontinued its equestrian team after the 2016 season.


Big 12 Championship Game (1996–2010, 2017–present)

Season North Division
South Division
Big 12
1996 Nebraska Texas Texas
1997 Nebraska Texas A&M Nebraska
1998 Kansas State Texas A&M Texas A&M
1999 Nebraska Texas Nebraska
2000 Kansas State Oklahoma Oklahoma
2001 Colorado Texas Colorado
2002 Colorado Oklahoma Oklahoma
2003 Kansas State Oklahoma Kansas State
2004 Colorado Oklahoma Oklahoma
2005 Colorado Texas Texas
2006 Nebraska Oklahoma Oklahoma
2007 Missouri Oklahoma Oklahoma
2008 Missouri Oklahoma Oklahoma
2009 Nebraska Texas Texas
2010 Nebraska Oklahoma Oklahoma
Season #1 Seed #2 Seed Big 12
2017 Oklahoma TCU Oklahoma
2018 Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma
2019 Oklahoma Baylor Oklahoma

Note: While the team playing in the championship game from 1996 through 2010 was popularly regarded as the divisional champion, the Big 12 did officially recognize co-champions in football, just like it does in other sports. As a result, the following teams are also recognized as champions by the Big 12:
North Co-Champions: Kansas State (1999), Nebraska (2000, 2001, 2008), Iowa State (2004), Kansas (2007), Missouri (2010)
South Co-Champions: Texas (2002, 2008), Texas Tech (2008), Oklahoma State (2010), Texas A&M (2010) [8]

2011 – 2016

When Nebraska and Colorado left the conference after the 2010 season, it left the conference with only 10 members. The conference did not replace the two teams and therefore eliminated the Big 12 Championship game. Under the new format, which remained in place through the 2016 season, every team played each other and the team with the best conference record won the Big 12 title. In the event of a tie between two teams or more teams for the best conference record, then they were determined co-champions. Through the 2013 season, the winner of the head-to-head game earned the BCS berth in the Fiesta Bowl.[9] This was later changed and the league recognized a tie-breaker starting in 2015.[9] The change was made after the B12 was left out of the inaugural four-team College Football Playoff in 2014. The B12 presented TCU and Baylor as co-champs to the College Football Committee in 2014, despite Baylor having the head to head win over TCU. The move was seen as a play by the conference to get two teams invited into the new format, which backfired, leaving both teams out.[10]

Following a 2016 change in NCAA rules that allowed FBS conferences to stage championship games regardless of their membership numbers, the Big 12 announced it would reinstate its championship game starting in 2017. The conference continues to play a full round-robin conference schedule. The top two teams at the end of the conference season (with tiebreakers used as needed) play in the championship game.

With the launch of the College Football Playoff (CFP) in 2014, which coincided with a reworking of bowl tie-ins, the Big 12 tie to the Fiesta Bowl ended.

  • The Big 12's primary bowl partner is now the Sugar Bowl, In years when that game is not a CFP semifinal, the top teams from the Big 12 and SEC, as chosen by the CFP selection committee, will play one another. If either conference provides a team for the CFP semifinals, the top non-playoff team from that conference will go to the Sugar Bowl.
  • When the Sugar Bowl is hosting a semifinal, the top Big 12 team not involved in the playoff will receive a berth in either the Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, or Peach Bowl.

Big 12 Champions (2011–2016)

Season Big 12
2011 Oklahoma State
2012 Kansas State*
2013 Baylor
2014 Baylor*
2015 Oklahoma
2016 Oklahoma

Note: * Head to head winner

Men's golfEdit

West Virginia added men's golf starting in the 2015–16 season.

Women's golfEdit

Women's gymnasticsEdit

Denver became an affiliate in women's gymnastics effective with the 2015–16 season.


In the 2014–15 school year, rowing was the only Big 12 sport with affiliate members. Prior to that school year, the Big 12 and Conference USA (C-USA) had a rowing alliance in which all Big 12 rowing schools would participate in the C-USA championship as well as the Big 12 championship. C-USA dropped rowing after the departure of most of its rowing members for other conferences. The Big 12 then took in the three remaining schools from the C-USA rowing league (Alabama, Old Dominion, and Tennessee) as single-sport affiliates. Old Dominion left Big 12 rowing after the 2017–18 season to join the American Athletic Conference.

Since 2015–16, the Big 12 also has affiliates in women's gymnastics and wrestling.

Women's soccerEdit

Kansas State announced in 2015 that it would begin sponsoring women's soccer. The Wildcats played their first season in 2016 as an independent, and began playing a full Big 12 schedule in 2017.[14]


Seven Big 12 schools currently sponsor softball; Kansas State, TCU, and West Virginia do not.

  1. ^ The 2019 conference tournament was canceled due to rain and resulting poor field conditions before pool play could be completed. Regular-season champion Oklahoma received the conference's automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.[15]


Men's swimming and divingEdit

Women's swimming & divingEdit

Men's tennisEdit

Women's tennisEdit


Men's track and fieldEdit

Women's track & fieldEdit

Women's VolleyballEdit

Oklahoma State has never sponsored women's volleyball as a Big 12 member;[22] it and Vanderbilt are the only two schools in the Power Five conferences that do not sponsor women's volleyball.

Nebraska left the conference in 2011.


Wrestling crowned regular-season champions in 2011–12 and 2012–13 only.

In 2015, the Big 12 absorbed the Western Wrestling Conference, with that league's six final members becoming Big 12 affiliates effective with the 2015–16 school year. Fresno State and Northern Iowa became affiliates in 2017–18.

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