Biathlon at the 1972 Winter Olympics

Biathlon at the 1972 Winter Olympics consisted of two biathlon events, held at Makomanai Biathlon Site. The events began on 9 February and ended on 11 February 1972.[1][2]

at the XI Olympic Winter Games
VenueMakomanai Biathlon Site
Dates9–11 February
Competitors62 from 14 nations
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1976 →

Medal summaryEdit

Five nations won medals in biathlon, the Soviet Union and Norway leading the medal table with one gold medal each, while East Germany were the only country to win more than one medal. Hansjörg Knauthe, who was part of both East German medals, was the only athlete to win more than one medal.

Medal tableEdit

1  Norway (NOR)1001
  Soviet Union (URS)1001
3  East Germany (GDR)0112
4  Finland (FIN)0101
5  Sweden (SWE)0011
Totals (5 entries)2226


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Magnar Solberg
1:15:55.50 Hansjörg Knauthe
  East Germany
1:16:07.60 Lars-Göran Arwidson
  Soviet Union (URS)
Aleksandr Tikhonov
Rinnat Safin
Ivan Biakov
Viktor Mamatov
1:51:44.92   Finland (FIN)
Esko Saira
Juhani Suutarinen
Heikki Ikola
Mauri Röppänen
1:54:37.25   East Germany (GDR)
Hansjörg Knauthe
Joachim Meischner
Dieter Speer
Horst Koschka

Participating nationsEdit

Fourteen nations sent biathletes to compete in Sapporo. Below is a list of the competing nations; in parentheses are the number of national competitors. Italy made its Olympic biathlon debut.[1]


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