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Biagio Bernardo Caboga


Biagio Bernardo Caboga (German: Blasius Bernhard von Caboga,[1] French: Blaise Caboga; fl. 1813–14) was a Ragusan count (conte) and commander. He participated in the Ragusan uprising against the French, who had occupied since 1806 (abolished in 1808), in 1813–14.[2] With British support, he led the uprising after October 1813.[3] Together with Austrian general Milutinović and British cannons, the Ragusan rebel leaders led the siege of the city in January 1814.[4] The French surrendered on the 27th, marching out of the city on 28 January.[5] Ragusa and its territories were handed over to the Habsburg Monarchy in 1815.[6] Despite his intelligence and ability, being described as having Alcibiades' qualities, his ambition seemed to have been the main cause to the failure of the aims of the rebellion.[2]


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