Bhopal (play)

Bhopal is a play by Canadian playwright Rahul Varma about the Bhopal disaster.

Bhopal Published Cover.jpg
Cover of published play
Written byRahul Varma
ChorusStory Teller
CharactersDr. Sonya Labonté
Izzat Bai
Devraj Sarthi
Minister Jaganlal Bhandari
Madiha Akram
Pascale Sauvé
Warren Anderson
Date premiered2001
Original languageEnglish with some French and Hindi
SubjectBhopal disaster
SettingBhopal, India

Production historyEdit

It premiered in 2001 produced by Teesri Duniya and directed by Jack Langedijk. It used a non-realistic, live music, minimalist set and a chorus.

It was translated into Hindi as Zahreeli Hawa in 2003 by translator/director Habib Tanvir.

It was produced by Cahoots Theatre Projects in 2003 at the Theatre Centre in Toronto, directed by Guillermo Verdecchia. The set consisted of a wall of dirty rags and sand on the floor.

It was translated into French in 2005 by translator Paul Lefebvre and performed at Theatre Periscope in Quebec City and in Montreal at the Espace Libre. Directed by Philippe Soldevilla. Eight actors performed all the rolls with doubling and with added dance. The set was made up of wooden blocks moved into different configurations.

Bhopal was published in 2004 by Playwrights Canada Press.

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