Bhadro (Bengali: ভাদ্র Bhadrô) is the fifth month in the Bengali calendar.[1] Bhadro marks the beginning of Sharat or Autumn.[2] According to the modified calendar developed by the Bangla Academy, the month of Bhadro has 31 days from 18 August to 17 September in Bangladesh.

Kashful in Bangladesh.jpg
Kans Grass, locally known as Kashful, in the backdrop of clear blue sky signals the arrival of Bhadro in Bangladesh
Native nameভাদ্র (Bengali)
Month number
  • 5
Number of days
  • 31 (Bangladesh);
  • 31/32 (India)
Gregorian equivalentAugust-September
← Srabon
Ashwin →


Bhadro is named after the star Purbobhadropod (Bengali: পূর্বভাদ্রপদ Purbôbhadrôpôd).


  • The national poet of Bangladesh, Kazi Nazrul Islam, died on 12 Bhadro 1383.[3][4]

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