Beveridge Reef

Beveridge Reef seen from space.
looking north across lagoon, from position after entrance

Beveridge Reef is a submerged atoll located in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Niue, approximately 130 miles (209 km) from Niue and 600 miles (966 km) from the Cook Islands.[1][2][3] The reef is normally submerged,[4] with a small part visible at low tide.[1][5] It has been the cause of several fishing boats running aground.

Elsdon Best reported that "according to native tradition at Rarotonga, the Beveridge Reef was once a fine isle, with many coconut-palms growing thereon, but that it was swept bare by a fierce hurricane, which carried away both trees and soil, leaving nothing but the bare rock."[6]


The reef is the site of frequent shipwrecks:[7]

  • in 1918, the schooner James H. Bruce, [8]
  • the Nicky Lou of Seattle, a fiberglass hulled fishing vessel that ran aground on the reef, can be seen on the reef, and[9][10]
  • in 2017, the catamaran Avanti.[11][12]


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