Beveridge Reef

Beveridge Reef is a submerged atoll located in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Niue, approximately 130 miles (209 km) from Niue and 600 miles (966 km) from the Cook Islands.[1][2][3] The reef is normally submerged,[4] with a small part visible at low tide.[1][5] It has been the cause of several fishing boats running aground.

Beveridge Reef seen from space.
looking north across lagoon, from position after entrance


The reef is the site of frequent shipwrecks:[6]

  • in 1918, the schooner James H. Bruce, [7]
  • the Nicky Lou of Seattle, a fiberglass hulled fishing vessel that ran aground on the reef, can be seen on the reef, and[8][9]
  • in 2017, the catamaran Avanti.[10][11]


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Coordinates: 20°00′S 167°48′W / 20.000°S 167.800°W / -20.000; -167.800