Beurer GmbH is a German family-owned Mittelstand manufacturer of electrical devices for health and well-being. Originally a manufacturer of electric blankets, the company began diversifying its product line in the 1980s[1] and now sell some 2,200 products including weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, and mobile ECG devices. Founded in Ulm in 1919, the company in 2016 employed 800 people and had revenues of about 230 million Euro.[2] Production was based in Uttenweiler since 1963 but was shifted to Hungary and the Far East,[2] with Uttenweiler becoming the company's main logistics center in Germany in 2011.[1] The company also grew by acquisitions, taking over British electric blanket manufacturer Winterwarm. Winterwarm's Birmingham plant was shut down in 2005 when manufacturing was moved to Hungary.[3]

Beurer BM26 sphygmomanometer

History edit

Beurer was founded in 1919 after the first world war in Ulm Germany by Eugen and Käthe Beurer.[4] The company's initial product offering was electric head pads.[4]

Products edit

Beurer has approximately 1600 employees in its workforce. The company organises its product range into distinct categories, including beauty, health, well-being, and fitness.[5] Products include blood pressure monitors,[6] TENS machines,[7] Daylight lamps,[8] blood glucose monitors, weighing scales, mobile ECG devices, electric blankets, hairdryers, men's grooming items and more.

Its products are shipped to over 100 countries internationally,[9] including Dubai,[10] Europe,[6] India,[11] the United Kingdom[6] and Australia,[12] thorugh its global distribution network.[6] Among its competitors are brands such as Medisana, Braun, Philips, Omron, Temu, Amazon, and AliExpress.[5]

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