Beshr ibn Hasan

Beshr ibn Hasan (Arabic: بشر بن حسن) was a great-grandson of Muhammad. He was the son of second Shia Imam Hasan ibn Ali.[1][2] He is considered to be one of the martyrs of the Battle of Karbala,[3][4][5] although no record describes the circumstances surrounding his death by enemy forces.[6][7]

The first instance of Beshr ibn Hasan to be listed among the martyrs of Karbala was by Shia scholar Ibn Shahrashub. Of Hasan ibn Ali's twenty sons, seven participated in the battle, among them Beshr ibn Hasan.[8] All but one brother was killed during the battle. In his account of their deaths, Shahrashub writes on Beshr: "... and it has been said that Beshr has been martyred, too."[9]

Among Beshr ibn Hasan's brothers who were present at the event of Ashura were Amrobne Hasan (who was killed in the event at Karbala when he was a child),[10] Hasan ibn Hasan (who was famously known as 'Hasan Muthanna'), Qasim ibn Hasan (who was also considered to be one of the martyrs of Karbala), Abdullah ibn Hasan (Abdullah Asghar).[11][12]

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