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Berthold I, Count of Tyrol

Berthold I (died 7 March 1180) was Count of Tyrol from about 1165 until his death.

Berthold I
Count of Tyrol
Died 7 March 1180
Noble family House of Tyrol
Spouse(s) Agnes of Ortenburg
Berthold II, Count of Tyrol
Henry I, Count of Tyrol
Father Albert II, Count of Tyrol
Mother Adelaide of Diessen-Andechs

He was a younger son of Count Albert II and his wife, Adelaide of Diessen-Andechs. The Tyrolean counts were able to strengthen their autonomy from Bavaria after the Welf duke Henry the Proud was deposed by King Conrad III of Germany in 1139. About 1165, Berthold succeeded his elder brother Albert III as sole Count of Tyrol.

Berthold I was married to his cousin Agnes (1149–1207), a daughter of Count Otto I of Ortenburg, who was himself a son of Count Albert I of Tyrol. Upon his death, he was succeeded by his sons Berthold II and Henry

Berthold I, Count of Tyrol
House of Tyrol
 Died: 7 March 1180
Preceded by
Albert III
Count of Tyrol
Succeeded by
Berthold II
and Henry I